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Rust Free Cars & Parts
After working with and Restoring Classic Cars in the UK we know the difficulties in finding Rust Free cars and parts that come with an honest description that is why we are now based in Rust Free Arizona.

Restoration (Full or Part)

  • Mechanical work and or full restoration can be carried out in our workshops.
  • We can bring any car up to UK MOT standards before shipping.
  • This is not only cost effective for you but makes cars easier to collect once imported.
  • Shop Rates: $25.00 per hour.

If your car is going to Europe send it to us to have some of the restoration work done at US Prices. We can also supply New Glass for almost any Car or Truck, clear or tinted.

We offer very low cost storage for any cars or parts bought by the customer either from us or from another source, which makes it easy for you to buy cars and parts on the spur of the moment and not have the hassle of thinking about arranging immediate shipping. Reasonable rates: Outside storage $2.00 per day – Inside storage $5.00 per day.

We can collect cars from any western state for you. We can deliver cars to any California shipping port at very reasonable rates. Please contact us for details. In addition we can give you details of Auto Transporters that will move your vehicle any where in the USA.

Vehicle Location
As we are based in Northern Arizona, we can also locate for you the best in Rust Free cars and parts. If you need a specific vehicle, we will locate one for you.

We have tried to find the best value in shipping for cars and parts to make your buying experience a pleasure. Take a look at our Sold before They Reached the Web Site and Off They Go to see some of the vehicles we have shipped.

Location of Late Model Cars and Trucks
We will also locate late model cars and trucks.

PLEASE view our site. You will be surprised at the services we can offer you.

Feel free to Contact Us any time.


We are permanently based in the US and able to cater to the most urgent of requests.  


  1. robert gypps

    Hi , Im currently looking to buy a split screen chevy 3100 pick up ,some thing with natural patina and a driver ,have been looking on ebay,com . I like the idea of having the work done in the states ,it would be nice to ship the right truck with the right bits on it . it. if you have anything the could intrest me could you please let me know thanks Rob

  2. AZAAP (Post author)

    Hi Thank you for your comment – yes I think we may be able to help you – if you would like to contact us through the CONTACT PAGE of our website or call me or facebook me (pm) I may have something you will be interested in.

  3. david brown

    good morning or evening to you can you possible help i am trying to locate parts for 1947 international kb1 would be obliged thanks d brown

  4. (Post author)

    sorry i have no parts

  5. Andy Kaufman

    Hi Simon, love the new website. Hope you guys are ok?
    Really want to try and come and see you guys…..maybe this year?
    Also this year i think it maybe time to buy that pick-up, waiting for a good mate to inherit some money and then his wife wants an edsel…..and i NEED a pick-up.
    So will deffo be in touch soon, all the best.

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